What’s Your Limiter?

From Friel’s Tri Training Bible, pg. 80

For each statement mark A for agree or D for disagree.

  1. I ride with a slow cadence
  2. I enjoy high-volume training weeks
  3. I prefer short races
  4. I consider my cadence short and quick
  5. As the bike intervals get shorter and quicker, I do better than most of my training partners
  6. I have always been better at short, fast workouts than at long endurance workouts
  7. I’m stronger than my training partners at the end of long workouts
  8. I finish long workouts stronger than most of my training partners
  9. I’m stronger in the weight room than most other athletes my size
  10. I’m more muscular than most cyclists my age and sex
  11. I prefer long rides to short ones
  12. My leg strength is quite good
  13. I bike uphill better than most in my age group
  14. I consider my technique to be very good
  15. I’m confident of my endurance at the start of a long workout


Count the number of Agrees

#1,5,7,12,13: _____ Muscular Force
#2,3,9,10,14: _____ Speed Skills
#4,6,8,11,15: _____ Aerobic Endurance

A low score of 0 or 1 is a limiter. A 4 or 5 is a strength.

Let me know what your limiter is… I might have a way to turn that into a strength!


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