Simulating Real Races on a Smart Trainer

This post will talk about how to simulate a bike race on an indoor smart trainer. In this case, I will use a Wahoo Kickr trainer, Best Bike Split and Trainer Road for trainer software. The race I am targeting is Ironman Chattanooga 70.3’s bike course, since that is my next big race.

The first thing I wanted to do was model the race in Best Bike Split. If you don’t know anything about Best Bike Split, what it does is take a lot of information and it models a bike race based on the actual course/elevation map, the rider’s FTP, the weather, etc… then it can output a race plan and predicted finishing times.

Adding the course to Best Bike Split

I was able to find the course already on Best Bike Split. It would also allow you to upload a GPX type file if the course wasn’t already on the site.

I you haven’t already setup the rest of Best Bike Split, then you’ll need to enter in your information and your bike’s information, your riding style, etc.

Next you can setup the race by clicking on “Add a New Race” from the dashboard and fill out the information for the race.

Adding a new race profile to Best Bike Split

Once you have added all the information you want for this race profile, then you can download workout files for several different trainer programs.

There’s a download for Trainer Road, so I went ahead and downloaded that file. It’s a text file that you can open and see what the workout will look like.

The next thing to do is import that into Trainer Road using a separate Trainer Road Workout Creator. This uses Adobe Air so you have to make sure your computer has it before you can start using the workout creator.

Drag the workout file onto the left side of the workout creator

Once you have the workout loaded, you can change the name, add a description and then publish it. After a few minutes, it should show up as a custom workout in Trainer Road.

IM Chatt workouts in Trainer Road

You can pair your smart trainer and begin the workout.

Hopefully you have the workout modeled correctly from Best Bike Split so that your power goals match up with your race plan.

I was able to find a video on Youtube of the actual course someone made. You could set this to play on a speed that matches your trainer and do the workout while looking at the course!

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