Stryd Run Power Meter

Earlier, I posted about Run Power.  The idea was so cool, I had to get one of these so that I could start designing training plans for them, not to mention it could take my own training to another level.

I got my Stryd Run Power meter in the mail and set it up to go for a run.  Setup was pretty easy.  It was already fully charged when I checked.  I had to install an IQ app (Stryd Power) on a Garmin 935.  Then I setup a run screen to show watts and average pace.  I’ll probably adjust the screen and add elapsed time or something.

TrainingPeaks Run Stats
Run Stats from TrainingPeaks workout

Then I just clipped the Stryd pod onto my laces and went for a 2.4 mile run on a jogging path.  I didn’t have any goals for this run, I just wanted to check out the power meter.

Run power meters show higher watts than cycling power meters.  In case you were thinking this wasn’t an easy run because the average power is 225, that is supposed to be low for a run.  I believe I need to average 280 in order to have a moderate to hard run.

Garmin 935 Run Watch Showing Watts and Average Pace
Garmin 935 Run Watch Showing Watts and Average Pace at the start of the run.

I’m really excited that this will allow me to train better.  I already have power based workouts (speed and speed & strength) for running and I’m ready for the power training to begin, since I’ll be training for a half marathon and a half IRONMAN coming up in the new few months.

Hit me up if you have any Stryd tips or if you have questions.  I’ll be following up with updates on how the training is going and how it’s helping me progress and get more fit!

Garmin Connect Chart with Power, Pace and Heart Rate
Garmin Connect Chart with Power, Pace and Heart Rate

Power Meters for Running???

Power meters are old news. Everyone knows they’re great for cycling training. But now they have them for running. Garmin makes running dynamics pods that give you a lot of data on your running technique, but there are devices now that give you a whole lot more data… even watts.

Check out what Stryd is making.  This is a foot pod that gives you a power reading while you’re running, displayed on your GPS watch.  Then you can use this to calculate running intensity and Training Stress Score (TSS) after your run.  This is a much more accurate way to track intensity than heart rate and pace.  Heart rate lags behind effort and can be affected by other factors.  Pace can be affected by wind and terrain.  Power is the magic metric, just like cycling.

This technology can allow an athlete to pace themselves a lot better over a long race.  It can also help coaches track an athlete’s fitness and plan workouts better.  I’m pretty excited about this, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these run power meters.

If you want to check out one of the first power based Running plans available, here’s a link to my 6 week Speed and Strength plan:

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